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How to Choose the Perfect T-Shirt

We love dressing up as much as the next guy—and there are plenty of times you’ll hear us talk about the virtues of a perfectly-made suit. But, let’s face it, a man’s base outfit is a T-shirt and jeans. This is what you wear at home, on the weekends, at the ballpark, and with the kids. You probably spend more of your life in a T-shirt than you do in any other item of clothing. (Especially if you sleep in one.)

Maybe because it’s such an everyday thing, the T-shirt doesn’t get much attention. You might be working your way through a Hanes 12-pack of undershirts, or have a drawer full of all the T-shirts you acquired over the years at breweries, road races, bachelor parties and the like. Most of us think a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. But let’s think again.

Some T-shirts are better than others. (Admit it, that’s why everyone has their favorite.) There are infinite options out there, but only some of them hug the body the right way—and retain their fit wash after wash. Here’s why the best T-shirts work so well, and how to find them in the first place.

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